Stripes and All

Once and again, I keep coming to the editor’s page of the blog to write something, and trust me I have so much to blab about! It’s just that I am swamped in my office work these days sooo much, that I hardly get time to think/do something else. Yes, yes I know there are weekends, and holidays.. etc.. But honestly, who wants to sit in front a computer on a weekend or a holiday for that matter? I make sure not to switch on my computer on my off days. Live life etc. etc.. That is how I roll 😉

These pictures are a month old now (I know, that is ‘ancient’ in terms of fashion blogging), but I loved how these turned out, so had to post them. Hope you enjoy!! <You know the drill – my blog.. my rules> 😛

P.S. These pictures were clicked when overcoats weren’t a necessity yet, weather was favorable, and leaves were still shedding.. I can only dream about that weather now! Sigh….

Stripe pencil Dress, Scarf, Long Boots, 4 Stripe pencil Dress, Scarf, Long Boots, 5 Stripe pencil Dress, Scarf, Long Boots, 3 Stripe pencil Dress, Scarf, Long Boots, 2

Dress: Old Navy | Boots: Off Broadway | Scarf: H&M | Watch: Fossil

The More Print The Better

Here we go.. back to normal blogging! That season has finally arrived where scarves, coats and blazers are back. And shorts, dresses, bikinis go into the hibernation mode!

Since I got highlights in my hair, I am loving the golden and brown hues more and more! They match so well with my hair. Never knew highlights will make me look so different! I always used to think highlights may never suit my face since my skin color is brown. But I was so, so wrong. My hair stylist finally took me in to confidence and she gave me this beautiful hair color! Now I can’t stop admiring this new look 🙂

Are you guys enjoying the weather? Well, I always have mixed feelings for winters. I am not a huge fan of winters, but what ya gonna do about it! Right?

In this outfit, I have tried to mix three prints – The animal print, the stripes and the coach print (on the bag)! All these three prints gel so well together.. I am known for mixing prints in the past.. so don’t expect me doing posts wearing an all black outfit this winter season! Because that is just not me 😉 I love my colors..!!

Click on a picture to view it in a bigger size

Dress: Gap | Leggings: Part of a different dress | Coat: Thrift Store | Boots: Macy’s | Bag: Coach