This & That – 5

Time for another This & That post – –

  1. These set of pictures are from Phoenix. We visited the city on our last day of journey before heading back to D.C/Boston.
  2. I have made up my mind people! And I will have to do it, if I want to sleep at night in peace. I just can’t get pixie hairstyles out of my mind lately! Life is too short to not do what you like. Screw what everyone else says!! 😛
  3. I haven’t entered in to a gym for about a month now (which is so unlike me, I know!). Anyways, it so happened that I was running outdoors a month back and pulled one of my butt muscle (sounds funny, but it wasn’t..!) while performing lunges (I guess..?) which made walking quite uncomfortable for the next 3 weeks. Well, it’s all healed now, but now the laziness has taken over (!!), and then the Mexico trip happened – where there was no gym in our hotel and it was not ‘safe’ (per Mr. Husband) to run outside. So here I am.. doing no exercise, eating tons of cheese quesadillas in Mexico and feeling crap about myself!
  4. I promise to start working out today.. or tomorrow.. ok sometime this week at the most. (Come on… I’m human too, and need a break too)!! #Guilty #NotSorry
  5. I have started to feel the chill in the air (specially this Monday on wards). And I am praying to God to delay the arrival of Fall/Winter. I am not done with summer yet. And I dread Boston winters 😦
  6. I recently watched the movie ‘Ant-Man’. Well, I went with zero expectations, and came out pretty impressed. It’s a good movie y’all. Go watch it, if you haven’t. Another super-hero in the making! (Skip if you get goosebumps just by looking at ants.. because, trust me, there are loooots of ants in the movie. You were warned!).
  7. I love how well my hair behaved in Phoenix (no humidity zone, I miss that!). No flyaways, no frizz, simply natural soft waves. Mind you, I did not blowdry/styled or touched any product to my hair this day. Au naturel it is! Though that is another thing that it was burning hot (as usual) weather outside.

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DSC_0131 DSC_0148 DSC_0150

Top: Loft | Pants: Tommy Hilfiger | Earrings: Aldo | Flats: Bata, India | Watch: Fossil | Bag: H&M

While in Mexico

I was gone for too long.. (may be not that long if you ask me! 😉 ). But some time off from blogging is always appreciated and welcomed. It was not intentional though. Anyways, in the recent news, I am in Mexico at the moment spending some quality time with my husband doing nothing except eating quesadillas, fajitas and sipping fresh and delicious lemonades (we don’t drink alcohol- in case you are wondering)!

These are phone clicked pictures (excuse the quality) and you will see some more of them in the next few posts. The weather here is quite pleasant these days and all I am wearing are casual dresses.. no strings attached!! 😉

20150725_094541 20150725_103138 20150725_104312 20150725_105503

Dress: Loft (similar) | Sandals: Born Anthie via DSW | Earrings: Local shop in Mexico