On Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving was quite wonderful! We had 4 days off, we stayed at home, we went shopping on Thanksgiving ‘and’ on Black Friday! We have been sleeping at 3 in the morning and waking up at noon! It’s been a craaazy long weekend and on top of it (as I write this post), we have one more day off left to enjoy! How cool is that..??

Oh and we have been watching back to back episodes of Gilmore Girls on Netflix! It’s such a happy-go-lucky TV show.. It got recently added it to the list of TV shows on Netflix. Me and my husband really, really enjoy watching this cute mother-daughter comedy-drama.. We love this show so much that we seriously wish that one day.. whenever we are going to have a child of our own, it should just be like ‘Rory’ (you will have to watch this show for more details) 😉 Haha..

Well, this was my Thanksgiving outfit. We did not have a grand turkey-dinner, but we sure had delicious veggie wraps at the mall – I know.. it’s so ‘not’ festive but oh so healthy and tasty! My workout sessions are going great and I would do nothing to spoil my week’s hardwork just in the name of holdays!! Oh yes.

Overcoat: Anne Klein | Turtleneck: Zara (similar) | Dress: Calvin Klein (other options) | Tights: Uniqlo | Shoes: Off Broadway | Beret: Banana Republic (similar) | Bag: Coach