No Autumn in Sight

Autumn is no where to be seen. Who am I kidding! This is Florida. We will be lucky if we experience autumn for 5 days straight! Again, it’s my first year in this state, so I’m yet to experience it myself. The locals say that the weather stays warm till October and then suddenly cools down (skips to winter), which again would be very mild.
When I left Boston (this February), I was SO over snow, and I secretly wished to never come back to snow. Now look at me, hoping for the autumn season to arrive and waiting for the temperature to cool down. Frankly, I.m secretly missing the colder weather, and have no shame in accepting this! The leaves changing color, the weather cooling down, change in wardrobe, the beginning of festival season, the pumpkin spice coffees – ughh.. I’ want it all! NOW!!! Ā šŸ˜¦
P.S. 29 weeks pregnant today. 3rd trimester is hard (like really HARD). More on that in my next post!

dsc_0444 dsc_0445 dsc_0447 dsc_0448

Dress: Macy’s | Booties: Life Stride | Bag: same as here

All Basic in Chicago

Comfort was my main concern for this vacation (considering the pregnancy). I simply wanted to be able to walk comfortably and not feel out of breath, or care about the shoes hurting my feet or not supporting my back and legs with enough cushion etc. Hence, I packed my reliable white pair of shoes. They are trendy, they go with everything, and kept my feet (and back) happy.
Being 7 months pregnant has literally compelled me to dig my closet for loose fitting blouses and swinging dresses. This dress is an year old (or more I guess), and was perfect for my vacation day out. The weather in Chicago was perfect. No humidity, no heat, just perfect Fall weather. The mornings and evenings were a little chilly and the days were not that warm – just perfect. It reminded me of my Boston days. I miss that. Le Sigh..!!
Oh and I finally entered my third trimester (feels like an achievement to be honest!). The baby has become more active and keeps kicking all-the-time. Sometimes the kicks are so strong, they make my belly jump! Specially, when I sit down to eat, I constantly feel the kicks. It feels quite unusual (rather weird) when you are eating and something someone is kicking and moving inside your belly. Oh the joys of pregnancy..!! It never ends.

dsc_0227 dsc_0233 dsc_0259 dsc_0267 dsc_0275 dsc_0306 dsc_0308

Dress: Asos (similar options) | Shoes: Nike | Bag: Violet Ray Mila via DSWĀ | Watch: Michael Kors


Quite a neutral theme going on here. I wanted to design an outfit around these booties (last worn here), so I picked a thrifted turtleneck and a casual Ā pair of pants. All the items in this outfit are at least an year old. I remember it being a gray day, with no sunshine. In case you noticed, my hair is shorter from before. I am experimenting with different hair lengths to see what looks best on me! You know.. I get bored easily. šŸ˜‰

Life is fun this way!

Happy Diwali to my Indian readers!!

DSC_0274 DSC_0275 DSC_0282

Turtleneck: Consignment Store | Cargo Pants: Macy’s | Watch: Fossil | Belt: Fossil | Shoes: Nine West

Minimal with a Twist

The idea of Rising Colors blogĀ came to me due to my fondnessĀ of dressing up in all the colors of rainbow! Of course I love some colors more than the others, but there is no color that I dislike. And then there are times, whenĀ I gravitate towards neutrals – simple black and white. It all depends on my mood (since I am a Cancerian, and hence very moody). No matter how much I try, I just can’t dress up like a ‘plain Jane’. I must add some interesting accessories/shoes/scarves to make the outfit interesting. It doesn’t take much time, trust me! It all comes from instincts and practice. Next time when you want to dress up in a casual tee and jeans, just add one interesting item/accessory, and you will be all set!


Monochrome, White Top, Black Jeans, Ear cuff, 1 Monochrome, White Top, Black Jeans, Ear cuff, 4 Monochrome, White Top, Black Jeans, Ear cuff, 3Monochrome, White Top, Black Jeans, Ear cuff, 2

Sweater: Express | Jeans: Old Navy | Boots: Born via DSW | Earrings: Claire’s | Necklace: Loft | Bag: Thrifted