Catching up

Do you feel like you are under a lot of pressure when new seasons of all your favorite TV shoes are released on Netflix and you are just not able to decide which one to watch first! Well, that’s what is on my mind lately.. Plus I have so many shows to watch like Scandal, Revenge, Orange is the new black, Grey’s Anatomy, Pretty Little Liars.. etc.. etc.. OMG I feel I have so much to do (err.. watch) and I am so behind! 😉
I know.. I know.. these ’21st century pressure subjects’! Nevertheless.. please don’t mind if I don’t attend your party coming weekend, since now you know I have a lot to catch up! (Sorry..but no sorry)!!

Giving you all a teaser.. (Look for the colored version of the full outfit in the next outfit post)!


Colorblocking Scenes

While you are reading this, I am off on a week long vacation! It’s that time of the year when everyone is out, so am I! 🙂

I wore this outfit to a lunch date with husband. We were out to eat Mexican food. Mexican restaurants are so colorful (inside and out)! I love how they leave no stone unturned to use all the colors in a rainbow when designing the interiors! That is one reason I like eating at different Mexican joints once in a while (just to admire the beauty of their culture and architecture).. I love colors and as it appears Mexicans love them too!

I wish you all a very Happy New Year! May all your wishes (and resolutions) come true coming year.. 🙂

Coat: Guess | Dress: Marhsall’s | Leggings: Loft | Boots: DSW | Bag: Wilsons Leather

This Halloween

This Halloween was quite special! Reason being we (moi and husband) were invited to an amazing Halloween party! Secondly, I had nothing to wear (as usual hehe..) so, I used my creativity to come up with something special using the clothes I already own in my closet.
And if you can’t tell, I dressed up as a Bollywood actress! I had all the bling and glamour in place 😉
Being said that, this idea (or outfit) will work on any other occasion too! What I did was simply swapped my Sari blouse with a sequined top and draped the Sari a little differently (wearing the Pallu like a Stole)! Remember when I wore this Sari before here? I am wearing the same Sari in this post but styled it completely differently.

So ladies – let your creative juices flow and think of reviving your old Saris and make good use of them! What say? Now you know why I gave you the hint of not getting over Saris 😛

Click on a picture to view it in a bigger size

Sari: India | Top: Burlington Coat Factory | Watch: Fossil | Earrings: India

Why You Shouldn’t Travel

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As I upload all these pictures from our ‘super short’ vacation (a 4-day trip IS a super-short vacation, right??), I am re-living those days! How lovely it is, to wake-up on a week day knowing you don’t have to go to work.. simply relax and go city surfing instead. (Dream Life.. ahhh..)

On the contrary, when I think of it, vacations do no good to you either! Ask me why? Here are just a few reasons I can give you to prove my point –

  1. You don’t wanna come back. EVER. Like E-V-E-R. (All of us can agree to this one.. right?)
  2. The next time you go to work, you just don’t wanna work.. (I still have a vacation hangover!)
  3. You have all that extra laundry to take care of.. once you return (I hate it!)
  4. You gain weight from all the outside (yummy) food! (Luckily I did not gain much on this trip.. Yayy..)
  5. How could you forget the inevitable hole in your pocket – thanks to all the traveling, shopping and indulging activities..
  6. Unpacking.. blahhh!! Enough said. (I’m still unpacking.. I know I am lazy..)

So that’s my list! Care to add more..?? All that being said and discussed, I still WANT to go on another vacation. I ALWAYS WILL. My love for traveling will never cease to exist!

Coming to the pictures, these pictures were on a beautiful windy evening.. actually the same day these pictures were clicked. The only difference is – I took a dip in the ocean jut before these ones were clicked! Hence, the wet, frizzy hair..


Click on a picture to view it in a bigger size

Outfit Details: Dress: River Island | Shoes: Zara (similar) | Earrings: India (similar)

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