Taking it Slow

A good blogger would never tell you that they don’t feel like blogging (for whatever reasons that may be). But here I am, finally saying it out loud, I am leaning away from blogging off lately. It’s not a writer’s block. It’s just that I have other priorities to deal with in life right now (no, I am not pregnant). And no, this certainly does not mean that I am shutting down the blog or whatever. This only means that the posts here would not as regular as they used to be, which you might have already noticed, if you are a regular reader. I feel one shouldn’t do anything unless they are passionate about it!

This outfit is from a couple weeks back. Winters are here, and layering is all you are going to see for the next few months.. so let’s get on with it! (Again, I am not going anywhere.. just taking it slow) 🙂

Thank you for understanding!

P.S. I cut these jeans myself. They were too long.. so I made them right 😉

Leather Jacket, Flare Jeans, Moto, 2 Leather Jacket, Flare Jeans, Moto, 3 Leather Jacket, Flare Jeans, Moto, 4

Leather Jacket: Wilsons Leather | Sweater: Gap | Jeans: Express | Booties: Off Broadway