An old blue dress

This dress deserves a second appearance on the blog. Last time I wore it on the blog was when I was five months pregnant. Oh good times.. And now I am always chasing my 17 months old trouble maker. Well, as I mentioned, this feather-light dress deserves another mention. The color is soothing and the fabric feels like rose petals. It’s a must for my summer wardrobe. I wear this and I feel I have nothing on me (don’t get any ideas ok!) πŸ˜‰ Isn’t that a good feeling under the scorching Florida sun!
Last time I kept it simple with plain white sneakers, however this time I glamorized it with accessories. That totally changes the look. Check out how I styled this dress last time HERE.

Dress is Old Navy, sandals are Kenneth Cole (a T.J.Maxx find) and the bag is also from T.J.Maxx (similar one). Necklace is from Burlington and earrings are old.


Stripes and All

Once and again, I keep coming to the editor’s page of the blog to write something, and trust me I have so much to blab about! It’s just that I am swamped in my office work these days sooo much, that I hardly get time to think/do something else. Yes, yes I know there are weekends, and holidays.. etc.. But honestly, who wants to sit in front a computer on a weekend or a holiday for that matter? I make sure not to switch on my computer on my off days. Live life etc. etc..Β That is how I roll πŸ˜‰

These pictures are a month old now (I know, that is ‘ancient’ in terms of fashion blogging), but I loved how these turned out, so had to post them. Hope you enjoy!! <You know the drill – my blog.. my rules> πŸ˜›

P.S. These pictures were clicked when overcoats weren’t a necessity yet, weather was favorable, and leaves were still shedding.. I can only dream about that weather now! Sigh….

Stripe pencil Dress, Scarf, Long Boots, 4 Stripe pencil Dress, Scarf, Long Boots, 5 Stripe pencil Dress, Scarf, Long Boots, 3 Stripe pencil Dress, Scarf, Long Boots, 2

Dress: Old Navy | Boots: Off Broadway | Scarf: H&M | Watch: Fossil