Spring is in Swing

When other parts of the world are experiencing blasting summer, we Bostonians finally got to see some sun and a rise in temperature! No complains there. I had a pretty busy weekend – and no I wasn’t busy doing chores and laundry etc. I was busy surfing my beautiful city. I just like to take the subway, get down at a random station and just wander about – like a nomad! This is my favorite way to spend a day off (well, unless I am traveling). I then eat at any random cafe (or sometimes, I pack my lunch from home and eat it in a park — how fun!), have coffee at a bakery shop, always keep my book handy with me, click lots of pictures of random buildings and come back home dead tired! I don’t go for clubbing and drinking, as I just don’t enjoy either of them!

Oh and did I tell you I have a vacation coming up.. this week! Well – it’s a long weekend and I am off to pack my bags!! 😉

Also I got my hair cut again yesterday! It’s a short bob this time (last pic)..

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Retro Modern

It was so, so hot & humid that evening.. Wearing anything was a challenge! Thanks to all the rains, we finally got rid of that awful humid weather. I finally feel the autumn weather now. I am kind of still not ready for autumn and then those long, long winters. But what can I do! You gotta live with it 🙂

So my days of wearing mini’s, shorts and dresses are limited. Hence, I am trying to wear as much as I can, before it gets too cold! You know, I am more of a summer girl!

Wore this outfit to go grab some coffee over the weekend! How was your weekend?

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Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger | Skirt: New York & Company | Sandals: Franco Sarto | Watch: Fossil | Sunglasses: Forever 21

Random Outfits – 1

So obviously every outfit can not make it to the blog.. There are some days when I forget to carry my camera.. some days my loving photographer is not in the mood (haha.. well that happens often) and sometimes I am just too lazy to pose!

Those are the days when a phone camera comes handy ya know!! Below are few such outfits which I believe are blog worthy and should be shared with you all! Oh and yes some of the OOTD pictures made it to my Instagram, but then some didn’t! So just pick the ones you like 🙂

On other note.. how was your weekend? Well, mine sucked. Big time. Okay may be not completely, since we went to see Scarlett Johansson starrer “Lucy”. I love the plot and her acting however was not quite satisfied (say happy) about the climax. It made no sense. The last 15 minutes kinda ruined the movie’s essence! Anyways.. that’s my personal view.. do share how did you like it?

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Sweet Summer

I believe I have been to the beach quite a few times this summer! I mean it’s unusual for me mainly because firstly I am not a beach person and secondly I don’t live on a sea facing city!

It’s just that the drive to the beach is more interesting to me. Husband and I enjoy our favorite music in the car, then we talk, talk, talk and then talk some more!! We religiously make a stop for our  coffees.. We also pack food from home.. so we kinda eat healthy and hang out at the beach too!! (win-win)!!

This time we visited the Virginia beach! Check out all my previous beach looks from this year –

Puerto Rico – Remember the sexy short black number??

Rehoboth Beach – Well the pink maxi dress was quite airy 😉

Coney Island – So what if I wore lose fitting pants to this beach??

And if you ask me which one is my favorite.. well that would be a little difficult to answer! But then OK.. for the sake of it, I will say Coney Island was the best among all 😉

A few pictures we clicked that bright sunny day.. White and Blue colors usually gel well with the sea background.. what do you think?

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Tunic Cover-up: Tommy Hilfiger | Skirt: Abercrombie & Fitch | Sandals: New Delhi, India | Sunglasses: Forever 21 | Beach Tote: Tommy Hilfiger | Watch: Fossil