The Time is Now

My biggest achievement this week was going back to the gym. Only I know how much I missed it! The whole ‘let your body recover after delivery’ was literally killing me. But then that was also (very) important. I was doing home workouts here and there (like 1 to 2 times a week – when the baby was napping – or when I was not sleep deprived) however, that wasn’t enough for me. I wasn’t feeling the ‘burn’. So I finally decided it was time to go back to the gym. I wasn’t able to focus properly at home workouts. Something or other kept needing my attention so the workouts were interrupted quite a few times. So I did it. I signed up for a gym membership. Going back to the gym really hit the spot for me. It was awesome! The energy, the sound of iron hitting the floor, the atmosphere, seeing other people smashing their workouts is really what motivates me! I love working out with like minded people.
And frankly speaking this one hour of break from ‘mommying’ is really doing me good. It feels good to be out, doing something for my self which is not baby related and then coming back home feeling energized and refreshed. Bonus – keeping my body in good shape and health helps me be the best version of myself.

Summer (as always) arrived early in Orlando. My dresses and shorts are already in circulation. This summer I’m looking forward to dress up in lots of cotton, loose dresses and bright colors. Who’s with me?

Dress: New York & Company | Shoes: Bandolino | Watch: Fitbit Blaze


I couldn’t be happier for this Monday to arrive. No, I am not going on any other vacation, or have something ‘fun’ planned. I am just happy to be back in office! Strange as it sounds, this past weekend I simply stayed at home, did some laundry, bored myself to death, ate home made food and binge watched Netflix. It is that time of the month when I am usually broke (salary to be credited soon 😛 ) and hence, the whole stay at home saga!

I am glad to be back in office and meet familiar faces! On a different subject, I am really.. seriously.. madly.. loving the pixie hairstyles lately. I am even thinking of getting one! What is life if you don’t try the things you like (at least once)! Huh.!! 😉

20150726_175659 20150726_175710

Top: Loft | Skirt: Express | Sandals: Bata, India