To Travel Is To Live

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It’s not just a title! I do live by these words.. The title of this post justifies my belief!

Travel has not only educated me, it has given me so many opportunities for which one blog post, or even one whole blog is not sufficient!

I have traveled a lot! You see, I was born in Gujarat, completed my studies in Uttar Pradesh, then moved to New Delhi for job after college, then moved to United States post marriage. I can’t say which place I like more, cause I have met with so many beautiful souls in this life (thus far), made so many uncountable (good & bad) memories and experienced numerous amazing moments.. Words are not enough in any dictionary which can do justice to my feelings.. I consider myself very, very, very fortunate!

It was an added bonus when I married the love of my life who equally shares my passion for traveling with me.

That being said, these pictures were clicked on the third day of our travel to Puerto Rico. We decided to spend the day doing some adventure sports and getting an adrenaline rush!! (Well, why not?? Life is too short to regret not doing something..)

So we booked a two-hour ATV riding trip in a 2500 acre farm! We rode through hills, puddles, dirt, dust, water, plantation.. oh that was some ‘awesome’ experience! The instructor’s special instructions were – “Please don’t take selfies while driving”!! Haha..

Enjoy the pictures..

Please don’t ask me why I am wearing a beach-friendly outfit! (Actually initially the plan was to spend the day at the beach. But then, us being a crazy couple, we changed it at the last-minute and spent the day acting sporty!)


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Outfit Details: Dress: Consignment Store (similar here and here) | Swimsuit: JC Penny (similar) | Shoes: Puma | Sunglasses: American Eagle

Glorious Double Century

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Happy to achieve another milestone on this blog. This post, yes right this one – is my 200th post!! Wow, I can’t believe I wrote 199 previous posts simply ranting about my life..

This proves women can talk on any subject and for as long they want to talk!

Okay, so ideally the 200th post should be special.. or unique.. or something like that! Well to me, all my posts are special and unique. I am continuing my Puerto Rico travel series on the blog this week. Hope you enjoy looking at the pictures as we take you to Puerto Rico with us on this blog! (pretty dramatic huh..)!!

Anyhow, when it comes to travel, as you have seen it before, I like to keep it to the minimum. I don’t like to over-accessorize, or wear some jazzy clothes. I am quite a minimalist while dressing up. Less is more for me. You will rarely see me wearing necklaces plus earrings plus rings plus bracelets etc. It’s either one or nothing for me. In this outfit too, I wanted to keep everything simple, minimum yet chic! Hence, I added the right amount of gold and tan colors. These earrings are my favorite. I refuse to part ways with them. By the way, with this new hairstyle I can wear all kinds of earrings which are actually ‘visible’. Haha.. Or else they always used to hide under my thick tresses!


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Outfit Details: Dress: Asos | Sandals: DSW (similar) | Watch: Fossil | Cuff: From India (many options) | Sunglasses: Oakley | Earrings: From India (similar here and here)

Wander by the Water

This past week passed in the blink of an eye! As I mentioned in my last post, we spent it in Puerto Rico vacationing. And needless to say I am back – fully rejuvenated, refreshed and ready to take on the daily challenges once again!
Puerto Rico is a beautiful place. Our motto of the whole vacation was to relax and not run around like crazy tourists! We always chose relaxation before anything (and that’s for vacations are for, right?)
These pictures were clicked on the very first day when we landed. We quickly checked in to the hotel, changed clothes and walked down to the beach.
The best part was the closest beach to our hotel was just a 3 minutes’ walk! We laid there for the rest of the evening as we were already tired from the long flights..

More pictures from the trip coming up soon! Keep watching this space..

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Outfit Details: Dress: Forever 21 (similar) | Bag: Tommy Hilfiger | Sandals: Payless (better) | Earrings, Bangles: India | Sunglasses: RayBan | Watch: Fossil