Show off!

Is it wrong to show off? Something that you love and are really fond of? Guess not 🙂 (My questions, my answers! haha..). So yes, I am showing off here – this Coach bag – a gift from my husband!
He very affectionately gifted me this one of the two bags on our anniversary this year! Now you know why I have feelings attached to it. This made me think, you know – because generally I don’t get attached to things! I can very easily donate (or let go of) clothes, shoes etc. Of course I am a fashion blogger and I love to buy new things, but I don’t let myself get attached to any of them! To me, they are mere things, they don’t have life in them.. And things that don’t have life in them, bear no importance to me..

However when someone gifts me something tangible with so much love and affection, that is when I draw the line. That is when that gifted item becomes extra special to me. And this bag is one such thing..


Click on a picture to view it in a bigger size

Outfit Details: Top: Zara | Jeans: Levis | Watch: Fossil | Bag: Coach | Shoes: Clarks | Sunglasses: Ray Ban