All You Need is Good Health

I love trying new things! Adding a belt to this outfit was like a very last minute decision before heading out! Guess it was not that a bad decision.. What say?

Anyhow.. let me give you all the update on my fitness journey. Even on vacation, I am working out with full force. I am eating the right thing, in the right quantity and at the right time (which surprisingly is more important than working out, trust me)! I have yet not weighed myself on a scale because I feel that is not how your progress should be tracked.

I feel different. My clothes fit differently. I am down by a size or two (I think). And I am always charged with super high levels of energy! Now that is the kind of change you should be looking for, in order to track how far you have come! So my dear readers, it’s never too late. Start working out if you haven’t already. Start eating better if you haven’t already. This is more important than everything else! More than your love life, more than your professional life and more than any other possible kind of life! Remember – If there is no health, there is no use of all that wealth!

Have fun with your workouts. Cheers!

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T-Shirt: Uniqlo | Skirt: Asos | Shoes: Qupid Cambria | Watch: Fossil | Belt:Thrift Store