Dress Code

Setting sun is my favorite. I don’t know what’s special about the evenings, but I love them more than mornings! We were about to head out when we thought of clicking a few pictures in our patio. So welcome guys.. to one of my favorite corners at home. I love the view from up here. It calms me, soothes me, and refreshes me! That being said, I am missing my home, but then I am also enjoying the time here in India. As they say – You can’t have the best of both worlds! 😦 🙂

On other note, the climate in New Delhi is showing no mercy! The humidity is at it’s peak. It was almost Fall back in Virginia just before we left. And we are back to this hot and humid weather in India. Guess it’s going to be a super long summer for me this year. Cheers to the Indian summer!

P.S. Isn’t Black dress ‘THE DRESS CODE” when you have nothing else to wear? (or when your brain doesn’t come up with any fruitful ideas)!

Dress: Zara | Sandals: Aldo | Watch: Fossil | Earrings: Burlington Coat Factory

To Travel Is To Live

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It’s not just a title! I do live by these words.. The title of this post justifies my belief!

Travel has not only educated me, it has given me so many opportunities for which one blog post, or even one whole blog is not sufficient!

I have traveled a lot! You see, I was born in Gujarat, completed my studies in Uttar Pradesh, then moved to New Delhi for job after college, then moved to United States post marriage. I can’t say which place I like more, cause I have met with so many beautiful souls in this life (thus far), made so many uncountable (good & bad) memories and experienced numerous amazing moments.. Words are not enough in any dictionary which can do justice to my feelings.. I consider myself very, very, very fortunate!

It was an added bonus when I married the love of my life who equally shares my passion for traveling with me.

That being said, these pictures were clicked on the third day of our travel to Puerto Rico. We decided to spend the day doing some adventure sports and getting an adrenaline rush!! (Well, why not?? Life is too short to regret not doing something..)

So we booked a two-hour ATV riding trip in a 2500 acre farm! We rode through hills, puddles, dirt, dust, water, plantation.. oh that was some ‘awesome’ experience! The instructor’s special instructions were – “Please don’t take selfies while driving”!! Haha..

Enjoy the pictures..

Please don’t ask me why I am wearing a beach-friendly outfit! (Actually initially the plan was to spend the day at the beach. But then, us being a crazy couple, we changed it at the last-minute and spent the day acting sporty!)


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Outfit Details: Dress: Consignment Store (similar here and here) | Swimsuit: JC Penny (similar) | Shoes: Puma | Sunglasses: American Eagle