Scarf Makes a Statement

One must not overlook the possibilities of a scarf. I repeat – MUST NOT.

Adding color to an outfit should not be limited to lipsticks, or handbags only. A scarf does the job quite well too. I thought of wearing my in a little different way this time (mind you – there are thousands of other ways). Anyhow, for this post I am styling my scarf as ┬áblouse. Well, I did nothing but tied up two ends around my neck and the other two ends at my back. The blazer cleverly covered the messed up knots behind. That’s it. You are done. And yeah try to mix prints and textures if you like.. go wild! I kept it simple for today though!

Tip – During summers, skip the turtleneck entirely, and wear your scarf as a tube top as it is, or better, wear it over your bikini! Voila.. style has a new meaning!! And would it be wrong to say that this outfit will suit the lovely occasion of Valentines too!

Also, I just got my hair trimmed (ah.. nothing major just a regular trim). I am sticking to this plan for now.

A Statement Scarf A Statement Scarf A Statement Scarf A Statement Scarf


Scarf: Forever 21 (similar) | Turtleneck: JC Penny | Jeggings: Asos | Blazer: H&M | Shoes: DSW

This scarf is my all time favorite. And this one usually gets lots of compliments!

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