Now that I am back to the usual grind of life (which means my¬†vacation is over), I feel much more inspired (to blog more) and eager to venture in to new things as well. Let’s see what do I think of, and come up with!

This short break made me realize the value of small things in life which we tend to overlook and don’t feel thankful for! I was in a small town of Mexico, where life is very slow. Most of the people live by the day with no big goals in life. And there are also people who have been working/doing the same thing for years (or in some cases, all their life)! There aren’t many opportunities for them in that town to explore or try. And everyone does not want to move out. I am not saying it’s a bad thing, I am simply stating the fact that life is not fair to everyone. So if you get a chance at something, grab it. And be thankful for it. Though I am one person who keep thanking the supreme power for anything that happens in my life. If it’s good, then I take it as a reward, if it’s bad I thank God for not making it worse. I always think ‘it could have been worse’ and then suddenly feel thankful for whatever happens.

On the outfit front, the idea behind this outfit was ‘not’ to accessorize at all. In case you can’t see, I am not even wearing earrings (and I never ‘not’ wear earrings), no watch, no rings, no necklace nothing. Just a belt, which was part of my dress. I wanted to see if not accessorizing would make an outfit non-glamorous. Well, the answer is ‘the only accessory you need is a smile’. Isn’t it?

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Dress: Tommy Hilfiger | Sandals: Bata, India

Tied At The Waist

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All our last plans failed when it kept on raining non-stop till afternoon. I was heartbroken and felt so angry (but at who??) that we had to stay in the hotel and do nothing but wait for the rain to stop!

Shopping was not on our to-do list for this vacation specially. We agreed on enjoying it to the fullest with a free mind and a light suitcase. We almost achieved our target, but the weather betrayed us. We had no other option but to spend the last day in a mall or a museum. My sweet and loving husband is actually not that much in to museums as I am.. Though I gave him the idea of going to the local museum, he denied. Then we were left with no other option but to spend the day in a shopping mall. We then went to the closest Outlet Mall and the rest is history..

We Shopped! More than we should have.. Haha.. (that always happens with us me)

He bought me not one but TWO handbags from Coach!! That’s my Anniversary Gift. He said ‘This is my gift to you for successfully putting up with me for 3 years!!’

Thank you husband and I love you (you already know that!). This is how our vacation ended. Then early next morning, we flew back to D.C. Few pictures we clicked while shopping –


Outfit Details: Dress: Tommy Hilfiger (similar) | Shoes: Payless (better) | Bag: Wilsons Leather | Watch: Michael Kors | Cuff: From India (similar) | Sunglasses: Oakley | Earrings: Asos (similar)

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