All Basic in Chicago

Comfort was my main concern for this vacation (considering the pregnancy). I simply wanted to be able to walk comfortably and not feel out of breath, or care about the shoes hurting my feet or not supporting my back and legs with enough cushion etc. Hence, I packed my reliable white pair of shoes. They are trendy, they go with everything, and kept my feet (and back) happy.
Being 7 months pregnant has literally compelled me to dig my closet for loose fitting blouses and swinging dresses. This dress is an year old (or more I guess), and was perfect for my vacation day out. The weather in Chicago was perfect. No humidity, no heat, just perfect Fall weather. The mornings and evenings were a little chilly and the days were not that warm – just perfect. It reminded me of my Boston days. I miss that. Le Sigh..!!
Oh and I finally entered my third trimester (feels like an achievement to be honest!). The baby has become more active and keeps kicking all-the-time. Sometimes the kicks are so strong, they make my belly jump! Specially, when I sit down to eat, I constantly feel the kicks. It feels quite unusual (rather weird) when you are eating and something someone is kicking and moving inside your belly. Oh the joys of pregnancy..!! It never ends.

dsc_0227 dsc_0233 dsc_0259 dsc_0267 dsc_0275 dsc_0306 dsc_0308

Dress: Asos (similar options) | Shoes: Nike | Bag: Violet Ray Mila via DSW | Watch: Michael Kors

While in Mexico

I was gone for too long.. (may be not that long if you ask me! 😉 ). But some time off from blogging is always appreciated and welcomed. It was not intentional though. Anyways, in the recent news, I am in Mexico at the moment spending some quality time with my husband doing nothing except eating quesadillas, fajitas and sipping fresh and delicious lemonades (we don’t drink alcohol- in case you are wondering)!

These are phone clicked pictures (excuse the quality) and you will see some more of them in the next few posts. The weather here is quite pleasant these days and all I am wearing are casual dresses.. no strings attached!! 😉

20150725_094541 20150725_103138 20150725_104312 20150725_105503

Dress: Loft (similar) | Sandals: Born Anthie via DSW | Earrings: Local shop in Mexico

6 Things you would never see me wearing

Lip Gloss – I just hate the feel and texture of it. It bleeds, make me feel very weird. Yuckk!! I have tried multiple brands (cheap and expensive both) but never came to like anything. And anyways, my lips are full and need no gloss (to make them look fuller). I am happy and content with my matte lipsticks.

Tank Top: Somehow, I just don’t like how it shapes my body. It doesn’t really flatter my body shape as my legs are longer than my torso. Well, let’s just say I like to keep distance from tank tops.

Fake eye lashes: Fake anything doesn’t excite me at all. Fake friends, fake relationships, fake eyelashes, fake nails, fake hair – all are same to me! Plus, I am at peace with the length of my eye lashes (nails and hair too). A single swipe of mascara is all I need to enhance them.

Rings in all fingers/toes: As you know and I have mentioned it before, I don’t do too much of anything – be it jewelery, make-up, whatever! And wearing rings in all fingers – it’s just ‘uncomfortable’ to me. I mean if you shake your hands with someone, you could just injure them if you press too hard.. haha!!

Tube Top: I still have to find something with a ‘mind blowing’ hold and support! The hunt is on, so let me know if you find it first. 😉 Keep in mind that I am not a flat-chested woman, I have curves and I love them!

Black Lipstick: Well, some wear it with elan! I just can’t imagine even touching it. Not my style at all. There are hundreds of other shades which are fabulous, but black just doesn’t do the trick for me!

Posting the last installment of pictures from my recent trip to Niagara!

DSC_0030 DSC_0105 DSC_0164 DSC_0166

Dress: H&M | Watch: Fossil | Bag: H&M | Sandals: Franco Sarto | Jacket: Gap

How to pack when Traveling

I travel so much that packing bags is like second nature to me now! I can count what all I need to pack on my finger tips. Just tell me when, and I can pack bags in less than 15 minutes without missing anything..!! 🙂 From toiletries to lingerie to emergency safety pins, I make sure to cover everything! When you travel frequently, you become good at planning ahead.

First things first, I always, always make sure to check the weather of my destination. It gives me an idea to whether I should be packing light clothes, or will need a jacket to cover up in the chilly evenings.

And then comes the skincare/toiletries – again I pack stuff depending on weather, how my skin/hair will react to the weather where I am heading! But yes, when it comes to skincare, I don’t travel light! Yes I do carry travel friendly sizes, but I make sure to pack all my essentials and leave nothing behind.

I don’t go overboard on make-up. My key make-up essentials include a Mascara (currently using this one), Eye liner (this smart liner is great for a cat-eye look), Blush (this dark one looks great on my skin tone) and at least 4 to 5 bright matte lipsticks. You know me (if you follow me on Instagram), I don’t do nude lips that much! Bright reds, plums and hot pinks are my favorite!

For footwear, I never pack heels (unless I have to attend a formal event or something like that!). Instead I pack a lot of walking shoes (these are my favorite). My biggest tip when buying flat sandals – just don’t go on the looks, check – how well they are cushioned and how thick the sole is. If the sole is too thin/flat, that ends up hurting the heels at the end of the day, which is not what we want! Such flats are of no use. For walking I mostly prefer Clarks and Franco Sarto shoes. They look good and feel good!

Jewelry comes last. You know I am not much of a jewelry person. I like light and unique pieces. So jewelry comes in when I have already selected my outfits. Then I match jewelry depending on the neck lines of my dresses, the print, fabric etc. For me, it’s always either a statement neck piece or statement earrings – never both!

Accessories: Watches, Sunglasses, Scarves, Bags – they all fall in to this category. At last I check how much more weight I can add to my bag. And if I have space left, I may throw in one or two cross body bags (they are easy to carry, light to pack and comfortable while walking).

Sharing a few pictures from my recent trip to Niagara Falls. I know you don’t see the Falls anywhere in these pictures, but a water fountain on a random street. To be honest, we were just strolling the streets then! 😉

DSC_0123 DSC_0164 DSC_0139 DSC_0165

Denim Dress: H&M | Jeans: Shoppers Stop, India | Earrings: Charles Klein (last worn here) | Bag: Wilsons Leather | Sandals: Franco Sarto | Belt: Target